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New Location and New Day of Week on Third Friday of month.

Friday September 20 @ Tony's Mexican Restaurant  7:30 am

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Westside Christian Chamber has moved to the third Friday of each month. We are choosing a location for a home. Our newest member Tony's Mexican Restaurant will be our monthly meeting place and after-hours venue. They already serve breakfast, so you order and pay for what you want. 

Join us for West Houston Katy, and the Fulshear area's Chamber of Commerce, at Tony's Mexican Restaurant for our monthly breakfast.

Bring guest and door prizes to highlight your company. At the bottom of email is the forward to invite others. All you do is enter their email address and send.

Upcoming Breakfast Calendar

Monthly Breakfast Meeting October 18th, 2019 @ Tony's Mexican Restaurant

Monthly Breakfast Meeting November 15th, 2019 @ Tony's Mexican Restaurant

Founder Members

College of Biblical Studies



“The College of Biblical Studies offers a nationally and regionally accredited college education on campus and online, with several programs offered in the Spanish language. Students receive transformational education and training for service to families, ministries, businesses, and communities around the world. CBS has provided biblical education since 1976, and is ranked as one of the lowest tuition cost in Texas.” 

Westside Community Initiative



Through partnerships with non-profits and businesses, Westside Christian Chamber of Commerce and it's members strive to impact the community with funds and service. The Founders Advisory Board will be meeting soon to address upcoming projects. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on projects!

Jack Cagle


 After seven years of serving as Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner, Jack Cagle assures residents that there is still much happening in the precinct. From beginning and completing major road construction projects, to addressing much needed bridge construction and welcoming park renovations, the precinct is growing and thriving

Kirk Promotions


Kirk Promotions strives to make great businesses with their best in Marketing, Sales, Promotions and Advertising. With over 30 years of success, Kirk will analyze and form the best strategy for your business.


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